Best Winter Care Tips For Dogs

Winter is here, and it is important to take extra care of your dog during this time. With the unpredictable weather, you need to take preventive measures to keep your pet warm and healthy. Depending on your dog’s breed, age, and health, they may need special attention for their skin, coat, diet, and overall well-being during winter. In this blog, we will share winter care tips for dogs and best practices, So that pet owner’s to ensure the best care for their furry friends as the temperatures drop.

Let’s check out the best winter care tips for dogs!

How to Take Care of Your Pet’s in Winter?

Most veterinarians suggest that it is best to keep your pet indoors during the winter months. However, this can lead to your pet gaining weight and feeling bored if their daily routine and diet are not well-planned. Whether you are a new pet owner or want to ensure you are taking care of your furry friend the right way, this guide will help you take the best winter care tips for dogs during winter. Take a look!

1) Skin Care Tips

During winter, your dog’s skin can become dry and the cold weather may cause changes in their behavior, such as tiredness, excessive sleeping, or irritability. As a pet owner, it is important to protect your dog’s skin by using simple home remedies. Applying natural coconut oil or hemp seed oil on dry patches, especially around the paws, ears, elbows, and knees, can be very helpful. If your dog has any medical conditions, it is best to consult your vet before trying new skin or diet treatments.

Here are some basic skin care tips to follow:

  • Massage your dog’s skin with pure, chemical-free coconut oil or hemp seed oil to soothe dryness and itching.
  • Use wet wipes or dry shampoos for cleaning when the weather is not suitable for bathing.
  • Use snout butter and paw balms to moisturize your dog’s nose and paws.
  • Use a conditioner or conditioner-based shampoo after bathing to keep your dog’s fur glossy and protected.

2) Must Follow Diet Tips for Dogs in Winter

  • First, it’s important to understand why it’s necessary to change your dog’s diet in winter. Then, you need to know what to feed them during winters and how much to feed them. These factors are crucial to keep your dog healthy and fit during the colder months.
  • A dog’s diet in winter depends on various factors such as geographical location, whether they live indoors or outdoors, their age, weight, and activity level during the winter months.
  • Give your dog warm food, making sure it is not too hot or too cold to avoid burning their tongue. If your dog does not finish the food, clear the bowl and wash it for the next meal.
  • Age is crucial as a puppy’s dietary needs are different from those of an adult or older dog. It’s important to consult a vet or professional canine nutritionist to determine the right amount and type of food for your dog based on their age.
  • Living space also plays a role. If your dog lives indoors and stays warm, they may need fewer calories due to decreased activity in the cold. However, if your dog lives outdoors, they may need more calories to stay healthy. It’s highly recommended to bring outdoor dogs inside during winter to avoid health and behavioral issues.
  • Weight is important too. Check your dog’s BMI and consult your vet or canine nutritionist to determine if their weight is ideal. If your dog is overweight or underweight, adjustments to their diet may be necessary.
  • Exercise level is another factor. If your dog is less active during winter, they may need fewer calories. Conversely, if they are active, they may need more calories to maintain their energy levels.

3) Winter Tips for Exercise and Walking for Dogs

Cold winter mornings and nights can be uncomfortable, so it is better to avoid walking your pet early in the morning or late at night. Instead, choose to take them for a walk around noon or in the mid-afternoon when it’s not as chilly. Your pet will be happier walking in the sunshine, and you’ll notice they are more lively.

Dogs love the sun! Create a warm spot on your terrace or balcony with their beds or mats so they can enjoy the winter sun. Keeping your pets happy and healthy involves playing their favorite outdoor games or engaging in mental stimulation games in a safe environment.

4) Best Pet Grooming During Winters

Pets have thick fur that naturally keeps them warm, so it is important to take care of their fur in winter. Here are some easy grooming tips for dogs:

  • Do not shave or trim their coat in winter to help keep them warm and dry. Check for dryness under their fur, especially at their paws, ears, and other areas mentioned in our winter care tips for dogs.
  • After the rainy season, insects and ticks can be a problem. Gently brush your dog’s fur in the direction of hair growth to check for and remove any insects or ticks. Your furry friend will appreciate your care.
  • Never give your pet a cold-water bath in winter. If you bathe your dog at home, use lukewarm water on a sunny day, then gently dry them with a soft towel and let them sunbathe until completely dry.
  • During winter, you do not need to bathe your dogs as often. Bathing them once a month or every 45 days is enough if they spend most of their time indoors. Using dry shampoos and regular brushing and grooming are better options during winter.

5) Daily Routine During Winter Season

If you are a new pet owner, you might be wondering how to take care of your dog in the winter. Here are some simple tips: change their daily routine by adjusting walk times, bathe them less often, give them warm meals, make sure they stay warm and dry, and provide cozy bedding. These habits will help keep your pet comfy and healthy when it is colder outside.

6) Indoor Caring Tips

In winter, most pet dogs like staying inside. To keep them happy, play games like finding treats, use toys, and play hide and seek. Chewing is good for them too, and you can pick high-quality chew bones instead of rawhides with chemicals. You can also have outdoor-style fun inside by playing fetch, using their favorite toys, making fun videos, and finding creative ways to keep them active.

If you have cool indoor activity ideas with your dogs, share your Winter Care Tips for Dogs story with us! We would love to hear and share your experiences with other pet owners.

7) Winter Care Tips for Paw

Dogs paws can get hurt in cold weather. To take care of them follow these

  1. Trim their nails.
  2. Clean their paws gently every day.
  3. Look for ticks on their paws regularly.
  4. Use natural oils like coconut or hemp seed oil to moisturize and massage their paws.
  5. Put first-aid on any cuts or cracked paws.

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